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Welcome to the new Northern California Spectrum Working Group.  

This group was formed to research, review, and suggest spectrum changes for the Northern California Amateur Radio Community.

Many aspects of our hobby are in flux. With the advent of new technologies (IRLP, Echo Link, D-Star, APCO P-25, MotoTRBO, and C4FM FDMA to name a few) we need to find a way for all of these technologies and users to get along. There is also the belief the EME, and weak signal are things of the past, do you believe this? 

We know that you have an opinion. We want to hear it, come share your thoughts with us and help us work through the myriad of issues.  This not us against them as there is no them.  It is about us, ALL Northern California Hams working to make our limited resources work for ALL Northern California Hams.  

You are also invited to join us for our next Northern California Spectrum Working Group - Webinar on July 19th, 2015.  You can sign up by clicking on the following link.

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